Wauwatosa Classic Kitchen

Wauwatosa kitchen remodel; classic style
Highlights of this Wauwatosa Kitchen Remodel
  • Granite counter tops and maple cabinets in high-contrast colors
  • Multiple types and sources of light arranged to avoid glare
  • Creative use of cabinetry and accessories for maximum use of space
  • Custom features such as a sleek downdraft cooktop exhaust system
  • Storage amenities throughout
  • Banquette sized for up to 7 diners

Dan and Diane needed an updated kitchen in their Wauwatosa home. Their children had moved out of the home, and a degenerative condition left Diane visually impaired. To overcome this, lots of light and contrast were needed. Her dream was an open, functional and spacious kitchen design that was visually-appealing without breaking the bank.

The greatest challenges were “spacious” and “functional.”  The space wasn’t large enough for an island, but there was virtually no place where space could be added to the existing Kitchen footprint.  The need for light and contrast put a whole new spin on the challenge of “functional,” but careful material selections and lighting placement resolved the visual aspect of that challenge.

Amenities were added for functionality:

  • Roll-out trash bin
  • Roll-out storage “trays” under the banquette seats provide accessible storage for both long items and file folders
  • A cabinet intersected by the basement stairway ceiling that adds counter space next to the fridge and a drawer for storage